It’s Time to Start a Golf Journal

WHEN I HEAR SOMEONE TELL ME that they’ve been playing well lately, I ask them to give me a tangible reason why. All too often I’ll hear the reply, “Well, I’m not really sure.” Then, a few rounds later, they complain that their game has somehow vanished.

I’m a firm believer in keeping a golf journal if you are serious about your game and crave consistency. It is important to have a place to track your game and keep your thoughts for future reference. People assume that when it goes well, it will always go that way, but look no further than the rise and fall of many of the game’s top players, and you’ll see that is not the case. I feel it is most important to write down your thoughts when you are playing your best, so that you have some things to go back to if you’re ever struggling.

Some keys to note when you are playing well are: Grip, alignment, posture, ball position, distance from the ball, shaft angle/ hand position at address, and any other thoughts you have on setup or swing. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. In his book Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, Hogan says, “I find it is helpful to jot down after practicing exactly what I have been working on and precisely how it was coming along.”

If you can pinpoint what you’re doing when your game is at its best, you’ll be able to play your best more often.

It’s Time to Start a Golf Journal
by Derek Deminsky, PGA

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