Improve Your Game At Home

Want to improve your golf game, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to practice at the course?

Here are three of my favorite drills to improve your game from the comfort of your own home.

1.     Short Putting

Consistently making five-foot putts boosts confidence and keeps scores down. If you have carpet that rolls fairly well, you can improve your short putting at home. First, you’ll want to get two alignment sticks or clubs and build a track (about six inches wide) that leads to a target ball five feet away. Line up your ball at the end of the track, and go through your routine as you work to consistently roll your ball into your target ball.

Short Put

2.     Chipping Technique

The best way to improve your chipping at home is to learn the correct technique, even without the ball. Grab your Pitching Wedge, and stand in front of a mirror. Keep your weight on your front foot as you use your shoulders to move the club back and through. Hold the finish of each stroke, and use the mirror to check and see that handle points straight up to the sky and not back towards your body.


3.     Improve Your Contact

You’ll need some space to swing, a cheap welcome mat, and two long tees. Use the two long tees to outline the club head’s width on the mat. Your goal is to swing and make a smooth brush between the tees without moving them. This will help eliminate toe, heel and shank hits.


Spending a few minutes on these drills each day will shave strokes off your score.

Derek Deminsky is a Class A PGA Instructor based out of the Forty Niner Country Club in Tucson. To learn more about Derek or book a lesson, you can visit his website at To play or learn more about the newly renovated Forty Niner Country Club, visit

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