Winning at Golf and Life

One of the most satisfying and exciting things from a personal standpoint is the announcement of the new book  that I am co-authoring with Zig Ziglar, coming out later this spring.  It was a distinct pleasure having the opportunity to meet and play golf on August 7, 1997 with one of the greatest motivators, teachers, and success mentors in history. It is a true blessing and feeling very fortunate to be good friends with his son Tom Ziglar.

Tom Ziglar and Rick Price PGA

A few years ago, Tom came across an old audio speech that Zig did on how to improve your golf game.  To honor Zig and his legacy, we have decided to take the principles of his speech and create the book called, “Winning at Golf and Life.”  If you know anything about Zig, you knew he loved life, and how much he particularly loved that “red head,” as he referred to his wife Jean, and how he really loved golf for the comradery and the competition of the game.  However, as many of you may know Zig passed away a couple of years ago, although his legacy lives on through his principles and philosophies on life.

Ziglar formed a philosophy that underlies all of his teaching, writing, consulting, and speaking. “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” He believed you could apply this philosophy to all aspects of life, whether you were at work, playing golf, or especially in your personal life to achieve success. He was not only a great mentor, motivator, but he was also a great teacher. He never promised anything without giving a plan of action to make it happen.

The book will be a fun lighthearted message of hope and encouragement on the “how-to” of changing your attitude, creating a plan, improving your self-talk to visualizing success!  Zig’s promise in the book is, “I do believe this… I believe with all of my heart, that if you will listen and take to heart, what my message is about, that it will dramatically improve your game.”

My promise and our mission at Golf Arizona Magazine is to, “Promote the game of golf, businesses, and associations in our community, while celebrating the people that play the game.”

Thank you for your support of Golf Arizona Magazine the official publication for the Southwest Section PGA and soon our new Golf Arizona TV Show. We value your input and thank you for your support in assisting us in promoting the game of golf.

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