Why the 3 Foot Putt is So Important

HOW OFTEN do you set your practice sessions from the mental aspect of working from the hole back to the tee box? Do you set the standard of having to make 100% of your 3 foot putts? Talk about lowering our scores on a consistent basis if all our 3 foot putts were made in one stroke. Often when I observe people on the practice greens, golfers will drop 3-5 balls and start working on the 20-30 footers. The percentages of us making these putts consistently are far less then inside the 3 foot range.

How much pressure do you think you can let off your shoulders when hitting any approach shot especially your chip shots that if you knew all you had to do was get the ball within 3 feet, (6 feet total in diameter). Suddenly that cup has grown and you start seeing yourself get up and down more times in a round then you ever have.

There is a great drill that anyone can work on to help build your consistency and confidence in your short putts. Take 6-8 golf balls and set them in circle around the hole about 2-3 feet to begin (see picture). The object is to make every ball completely around the hole with out missing a putt; if you were to miss one then you do not advance to the next ball you have to start back from the initial first ball. Once you make it around without missing you then move each ball position one foot back, increasing the diameter. The bigger we can make our circle of confidence the better we will be at putting and lowering our scores. Have fun with it and be the best putter you can be!!!!

Why the 3 Foot Putt is So Important
by Danny Medina, PGA Head Golf Professional at the
Omni Tucson National Resort

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