Why Cant I Hit My Ball Straight

Golf Arizona - Hit The Ball StraightHow many times do you hit your tee shot off to the right and out of bounds on the first hole? Of course you tee up that mulligan and for some reason it always seems to be a better result than your first effort. Maybe you have one of those days when you don’t know if your next tee shot will slice into the desert or hook left into the housing community adjacent to the course. Is your typical ball flight a push, cut or slice? Is your tendency to pull, draw, or hook your shots? Do you know what the difference between these ball flights? Do you know what causes these ball flights?

When I teach a first time student it is important for me to watch them hit three balls and ask one question. What is the biggest concern you have with your swing? Many times during those first three shots, a student will hit balls in different directions. As an instructor, I need to answer the first question to understand what each student’s tendencies are. Because there are many different ball flights which go the same direction, you will need to understand what can cause each one.

A ball flight which goes to the right means your club face is open at impact position. If you hit your ball which starts to the left and slices back to the right it means you have a swing path issue and your clubface is open at impact. I would like you to try a drill which will stop your shots from ever going to the right again. Try to allow your right hand to become more involved with your swing. Allowing your right hand to rotate and pass the left will create a better chance to square your clubface at impact.

Ball flight moving left of your target means a closed clubface at impact. One of the most common reasons for this flight is a swing path which starts inside and moves “over the top” before approaching contact. After making contact with a closed face, your swing path will continue moving around your body to fast, causing a pulled shot. You may have made a great movement with your hands, which leads to a more powerful shot than a ball floating weekly to the right. Correcting this ball flight will need to be created by keeping your club swinging down it’s intended target line. Body alignment is very import when trying to create a better swing path. Lining up your body to the target instead of the ball will lead to your swing trying to compensate to your poor set up.

The ideas in this month’s article are based on trends seen in many of my students. I would recommend trying drills included to see if problems mentioned above are similar to yours. Do not hesitate to contact me at dhess@thepinesgolfclub.com or your local professional to assist you in correcting the necessary concerns in your golf swing.

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