Whirlwind Golf Club on Pace of Play

Whirlwind Golf Club on the Gila River Indian Community adjacent to Chandler, Arizona has a realistic Time Par of 4 hours and 33 minutes. They communicate this Time Par on their website, on email confirmations, on the first tee and throughout the round players can monitor their pace with strategically placed time clocks boasting their ‘Whirlwind Values Your Time’ Time Par and a clock set in cadence to each player’s tee time.

Managing pace of play expectations is still challenging for course operators. Marty Hoffeken, General Manager at Whirlwind Golf Club commented, “We have to be cognizant of the playing expectations of all of our various guests, from the recreational round from our local member, to our resort guests, to those playing in events and tournaments. Often in the golf industry, you can witness frequent players clipping along at a 3-hour pace during their weekly ‘leisure’ round, but put them in a tournament and we often see the round approach 5 hours. We have to remind them of our Pacesetter Tips, Time Par and also encourage them along at that 4 hour, 33 minute pace.”

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