Whats In A Name? Quarry Pines Golf Club

Finding the right name for a golf course can often take some time and a lot of thought. The name should conjure up whatever image you wish to portray and describe perhaps some of the outstanding features of the course. No name is more appropriate than Quarry Pines for this wonderful track in Marana, just NW of Tucson.

Quarry describes the back nine that wanders in, out, and around an abandon gravel quarry and Pines comes from the thousands of trees planted on both the front and back nines. Growing quickly, those Pine Trees will soon reach full maturity and really alter the course both visually and for their positive effect on

defining the golf course. The Quarry in the meantime looks a whole lot better as a community asset instead of a community eyesore, and from the golfers point of view it provides for some very unique and interesting hole designs.

“From the golfers point of view it provides for some very unique and interesting hole designs”.

After checking in and getting the cart loaded, all by some very helpful and friendly staff, make sure to take advantage of the well thought out practice areas. It is always great when there is a warm up green located by the first tee. You can get a feel for the greens and still hear your name called when it’s your time. We all need to roll more putts before starting the round. Oh, and if you are hungry or thirsty, Putters Grill is right there as well, serving up a quick and delicious fare that you can grab at the start or when making the turn to the back nine….assuming you didn’t get your thirst quenched by the vivacious beverage cart girl.

“From the golfers point of view it provides for some very unique and interesting hole designs”.

Starting out with a straightforward par 5 is a good warm up. Follow that with some relatively short holes that will require accuracy off the tee and you are ready for the demanding back nine. Standing on the 10th tee you are looking right down into the quarry…or standing at the gates of hell as one of my companions quipped. Way down below you is a narrow strip of green fairway that you have to hit before climbing halfway up the quarry walls to the putting surface. Wait, it gets better. At the #11 long par three, you have to carry the quarry from one side to the other to land on a green that is perched on a ledge with quarry on basically all sides. Not much margin for error off the tee, has to be one of the toughest par threes in Southern AZ golf. After cruising a couple of holes running along the rim of the quarry where anything left is over the edge…literally, you dive right back in (and out) of the quarry repeatedly for the final stretch. That last leg is highlighted by the #16 par five. As long as you don’t try to get cute and carry the inside corner bunkers there is plenty of room in the fairway, although the visual deception from the tee doesn’t always convince you of that. The next shot has to be exact or it better be long, for there is a very narrow landing area if you hit it short of the wider plateau that is closer to the green…great risk reward features all over this hole.

What’s in a name you ask? When the name is Quarry Pines it means everything it says it is plus some unique and enjoyable golf.

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