What Is The Key To A Consistent Golf Swing

Golfer chipping onto green

One of the things we most appreciate about watching really good golfers is that their movements look so smooth and effortless. They make swinging a club and hitting a ball look easy. While this athletic grace may come more easily for some folks, it is something that we can all improve upon. The keys are a rhythmic and balance follow-through position.

The benefits of a balanced follow-through position will lead to better timing, more rhythm and an increase in your consistency in golf shots. A couple of simple ways to improve these key points is to concentrate on holding a good finish position for an extended period of time (a good rule of thumb is to hold a balanced finish until the ball lands). This may seem unnatural at first, but the more you practice it the sooner it will become a habit. That will allow us the opportunity to work on the next piece of creating a more consistent swing. The other is to try hitting shots or warm up while hitting golf balls with your feet closer together — any false or jerky movements will cause you to fall off balance and leave you unable to get to that “balanced finish.”

We all have had the feeling of a bad golf shot, and a simple way of explaining that feeling we get is a swing that we didn’t quite feel in rhythm or balance. If we don’t have control of our body through the swing, how can we expect to have control of the golf club in which we need to strike the golf ball? There are many moving parts to our golf swings, however if we can simplify and create more rhythm and balance, we can start lowering our scores and have more fun!!

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