What Golf Ball Fits Your Game

How do you know what golf ball is best for your game? After you choose from the endless brand names, you can choose one type of ball that will help you in your efforts to improve your game. Each brand has ten different types of balls which all offer different benefits. It all seems so confusing!!

The first thing you need to do is answer a few questions about your golf game before selecting a ball. What is your swing speed? What is your handicap? What is your ball flight? Do you want more spin? Do you want less spin? Do you want softer feel? Do you want the most durable option? Do you want the ball the tour players use because that has to be the answer to all your scoring problems? Do you want the cheapest ball in the golf shop because you are afraid of losing an entire dozen on the back nine?

The biggest mistake you can make is hitting whatever golf ball you have or find along the way.
Once you have answered all of these questions you can start researching which ball will fit a large number of your needs.

I tell all of my students to start the process with their handicap. Usually a player who shouts under 85 will be interested in a ball which offers better feel around the greens. Higher handicap players are usually looking for more distance which offers a more firm feel from a golf ball when being struck. Both players can benefit from a softer feeling golf ball like a Pro V around the greens.

One important factor to remember is to play the same golf ball during every round. The biggest mistake you can make is hitting whatever golf ball you have or find along the way. Your golf ball selection is just as important as what clubs are in your bags.

Playing the same golf ball every round will help you to create a consistent ball flight and feel when your ball reacts to your swing. Take the time to go through a golf ball fitting so you can find the ball that will improve your game the most. All of the major golf ball brands have ball fittings on their websites which is a good start. You can also ask any of the professional staff at your golf course or of site store to help you find the right fit for your game.

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