Volunteer Spotlight Faith Tanner

Faith Tanner, a Michigan resident volunteered at the 2011 Accenture Match Play Championship. Faith acclaimed national press with her mission to volunteer at every PGA TOUR event in 2011. She and her husband

Larry set a goal to volunteer at all the 2010 PGA TOUR events as they felt that the tournaments were a win, win, win for many many people and the communities in which they are held. They knew the revenue generated for charity would otherwise not exist without the production of a PGA TOUR golf event.
Larry passed away before their goal could be accomplished together but with the start of the 2011 season, Faith went on a mission …an adventure to volunteer at every tournament in Larry’s memory. Faith worked as a Marshal the entire tournament week on the crossing gate from the practice putting green to the practice range. Faith saw the top 64 players in the world cross her path while the players signed autographs for the fans walking from the practice green to the practice range.
Although Faith was featured in the local and national media for her mission, all of our volunteers are ROCK STARS!
Faith learned that a single professional golf tournament is like no other sporting event when it comes to the number of people it takes to make it successful — and you can understand why when you visualize this sporting event’s arena, a golf course. It takes an average of 1000 + volunteers to make a PGA TOUR event run successful and not all jobs are glamorous but they all are an integral part of the event being able to donate millions to charity.

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