Two Feats In One Round Sherry Morris Goes Eagle Ace

April 26th was a special day of golf at Quail Creek Country Club for member Sherry Morris. Playing the Roadrunner course on a very windy (20 – 25 mph) day Sherry had an Eagle at the Par 5 fifth hole; and her very first hole-in-one on the next hole, the Par 3, 6th.

Sherry said, “On the par 5, I holed out from about 110 yards for my 17th Eagle. It was funny because the ball rolled up against the pin and did not drop in until the wind changed and moved the pin over. We were all laughing about that, and when they asked me how many holes-in-one I had, I had to say none. At the next hole, the 120 yard par 3, and against the wind, I clubbed up to my Adams 6 rescue and aimed 20 yards to the right of the flagstick. I just watched in amazement as the wind knocked it down and it just rolled right in!”

To celebrate, her husband bought her a tandem skydiving jump and a Dairy Queen Blizzard. It’s nice to know that the wind can be your friend on the golf course some days.

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