Twice Is Nice

We all know the key to good golf is consistency; being able to hit the same shot over and over again. Knowing what club to hit from what distance and trusting in it so that you can repeat the shot when you need to. Ed Ferber, a member at The Country Club of Green Valley, has at least one shot down very well.

That would be his tee shot on the #11 par three…he aced it twice in the span of three days! Playing with his wife Susi on Dec. 3, Ed hit an 8-iron for a hole in one. Feeling pretty good about that, the next time he stepped up to the tee on Dec 5, he hit the same club, with the same partner, the same distance into the same hole.

Mr. Ferber is running up quite a bar tab in the clubhouse. Keep at it Mr. Ferber, third time would be the charm.

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