To Post Or Not To Post

Have you played a round of golf and wondered should I post this score? The handicap system is reliant on the honesty of each golfer to post accurate scores.

The following information will guide you when posting scores and help answer any questions. The first topic is Equitable Stroke Control. A player is to use the below chart to adjust scores for posting purposes using a maximum. The end result is a handicap that is more representative of the players potential ability.

Course Handicap Maximum
9 or Less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 and Above 10 Source: USGA Handicap Manual

There are so many different scenarios and much like the USGA Rules of Golf, the Handicap Manual is a vast amount of information. With that said, the below questions will help you know when to post a score:

If I play a round of golf and only complete 7 holes?
Yes, rounds of golf when 7 to 12 holes are completed are to be entered as a 9-hole score. Rounds of golf when 13 or more holes are completed are to be entered as an 18-hole score. Holes not played are posted as par plus any handicap strokes.

What about a round of golf using match play and the match is over at Hole 16?
Yes, even when the player is conceded a putt.

Do I post scores if played the round using a swing aid?
No, the Rules of Golf does not allow a swing aid to be used during the round and therefore the score is not eligible for posting.

Do I post a score when using a distance measuring device?
Yes, as long as the device measures distance only. Devices measuring distance along with wind or elevation are not eligible for posting.

Do I post a score when using a preferred lies or winter rules?
Yes, under situations where the course is not in a condition to play the ball down and players are permitted to move the ball, scores are to be posted.

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