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PGA TOUR Qualifying School

The qualifying school is officially known as the PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament, commonly referred to as “Q-School.” Having evolved over the years, this is the current process to qualify in becoming a member of the PGA TOUR.

Pre-Qualifying Stage:
Applicants that are not exempt to First, Second or Final Qualifying Stage shall participate in Pre-Qualifying. Stroke play contested over 72 holes with no cut field. Field size at multiple sites will be approximately 78 players. The number of players advancing from each site will be on a pro rata basis. Entry fee $2,500; additional payment of another $2,500 for successful Pre-Qualifiers.

First Stage:
The participants are a mixture of Pre-Qualifying Stage winners and players who were exempted from Pre-Qualifying. Approximately, the top 25 players plus ties in each tournament advance.

Second Stage:
Similar to the First Stage, certain players receive exemptions to this stage and approximately the top 20 plus ties in each tournament advance.

Final Stage:
This tournament is played over six rounds compared to four rounds in the previous stages and is played in late November or early December. The field consists of Second Stage winners and players who received exemptions (126-150 on the PGA Tour, 26-40 on the Nationwide Tour) into the Final Stage. The top 25 players, plus ties, earn PGA Tour cards for the following year. Their priority ranking for purposes of tournament entry is 24; this ranking enables them to enter most full-field events on the PGA Tour, but not more prestigious stops on the tour unless a substantial number of players in higher categories skip the events. For example, the top 125 players on the previous year’s money list who are not otherwise eligible are at priority 19; sponsor’s exemptions are priority 11; and winners of PGA Tour events in the previous two years are priority 9. The next 50 players plus ties after the top 25 earn Nationwide Tour cards for the following year, and any remaining finishers receive conditional status on the Nationwide Tour.

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