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Chances are you either have a passion for the game of golf, or at one time you did. If you fall into the latter category, I have good news; now is a great time to join one of the many outstanding golf courses available in Southern Arizona. Membership prices are very competitive with lowered costs and sometimes waived initiation fees. A membership offers you many benefits to continue or rekindle the enjoyment of this wonderful game and the camaraderie that comes with it.

Membership considerations come with some obvious expectations such as course conditions. Is the course in good condition most of the year and does it meet your basic needs; typically the more a member pays for the membership, the more they expect. Depending on how much you are willing to pay for a membership, spend some time on the course and get to know it. If you are paying the minimum, you may have to expect the occasional bunker that is a little shy on sand, or the stimp measuring out at 7 instead of your preferred 9.5.

Another consideration is how does it fit with your enjoyment of the game. Do you prefer to hit the links at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon for some solitude and peace of mind, or do you prefer meeting new people and competing in events? If the peace of mind is what you prefer, find out if the course you are considering is generally open in the afternoon or if they host outside tournaments, groups or golf teams. If you prefer the “action” of the game, Heritage Highlands at Dove Mountain for example, offers many kinds of tournaments for their members on a regular basis.

As you continue your search for the perfect club, it will behoove you if you dig a little bit beyond the typical promotions you see on the web and in print. Sometimes clubs will want you to call them for more information, or they may promote their current offer front and center. Most of the time, these are the standard offerings. But, what if you’re under 45 years of age or part of a corporation? Such clubs like The Gallery Golf Club offer specific memberships that benefit both of these groups but its not their primary membership promotion you see advertised.

Another consideration is how many in your family want to participate? If you have a family that may want to take advantage of club amenities, a Country Club would be your choice. Oro Valley Country Club is one of the clubs in the area that provides its members with activities and amenities catering to everyone in the family. If the golf course is “your” place to compete and spend time with your friends, a strong consideration would be one of the Golf Clubs available in Southern Arizona.

Maybe you want a wide-range of opportunities and something different each day from the club that you join. Besides challenging yourself on the course, maybe you want a choice of dining options, spa & fitness facilities and a place to accommodate all of your family and friends that visit you from Minnesota in January. These requirements would suggest one of our fine resort courses such as Omni Tucson National.

Besides all of the above mentioned benefits, members may get discounted merchandise, guest fees and lessons helping you to continue or rekindle your passion for the game. The benefits of club membership are extensive; do your homework and choose the club that fits how you enjoy the game. Remember, choosing a club that is just right for you, begins at home.

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