The Social Advantages Of Golf Membership

Aside from the financial benefits of joining a club, there are numerous other aspects that you may also want to take into consideration when thinking about a golf club membership. The social aspects, and club amenities, are prime examples of some of the benefits that may not be fully realized by those who are considering a membership.

Some clubs, for example, offer a fitness facility and a spa. Would your experience be greatly improved by combining the treadmill, golf course and massage in one day? You bet it will! What about a pool or tennis courts? They’re great places to spend time with children or grandchildren.

The more time you spend at the club, the more valuable the membership becomes
The social advantages are significant as most clubs host an array of events from dinners to tastings, to theatre and friendly tournaments. Be sure to check out their member newsletter and calendar for activities that interest you. Widening your placing circle as you become active in the club, along with club reciprocity, are other great reasons for joining a club.

Once you’ve determined that a club membership is for you, the next step is selecting one that feels right. What do I mean by that? A club should feel inviting from the moment you first step on property. The grounds, the staff, the amenities should make one feel as though you want to be a part of it; and you can envision yourself spending time there. After all, the more time you spend at the club using the facilities, and enjoying all that it has to offer, the more valuable the membership becomes.

With all the great clubs in Tucson to choose from, one is only limited by their imagination. Most clubs have a Membership Director on staff that can help you understand all the benefits, and packages, that the facility has to offer and how to get the most out of your membership!

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