The Joys Of Summer Golf

Joys of Summer Golf

Many of you probably read the title of this article and wondered where in the world this guy is coming from. Obviously it’s much too hot and uncomfortable to play golf in Southern Arizona during the summer, right?

I’ll admit that it gets a bit warm in the desert during the summer and we all have a different tolerance to the heat. Recognizing that fact there are golfers who should avoid the heat and either play golf very early in the morning during the warm months or wait until the cool weather returns to our beautiful Southern Arizona area. However, while most of you will do your share of perspiring while on the course in 100 degree heat, it can be well worth your while to head for the links to play a round of golf as often as possible.

So, why expose yourself to the sun, heat and other elements of the hot Southern Arizona summer when you can relax in your cool air conditioned home? Well, if you enjoy the game of golf and play very often, you are well aware how pricey golf can be during the “high” season. That’s not the case in the summer and it’s especially not the case in the afternoon. Therefore, if you’re budget conscious like many of us and don’t want to give up the game for a few months, consider the fact that you can play on many of the finest courses in the area during the summer for a fraction of the cost that you would expect to play during the winter, spring and fall.

There’s a good chance that your inexpensive round of golf will include some type of perk such as a lunch or at least a bucket of balls.  You may already realize how inexpensive it is to play golf in the summer but have always thought it’s still not worth it. To this I state, there are factors that make it worthwhile. The fact is that because many people don’t like to play in the heat, the courses are not crowded so there’s no waiting at nearly every hole as in the winter; there’s not much of a chance of having someone hit up on you; there is little chance of the foursome following you sharing jokes next to the tee box while you’re trying to tee off; and there’s a good chance that your inexpensive round of golf will include some type of perk such as a lunch or at least a bucket of balls.

Consider that since the courses are not crowded, you can take an ample supply of cold water; move quickly around the un-crowded course which will keep you cooler than you might imagine; and typically you can play an enjoyable round in close to three hours. If you haven’t done this, try it and chances are you come back again and again for more fun in the sun.

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