The Big Secret To Getting The Ball Out Of The Bunkers

Most golfers who have trouble getting out of bunkers feel that the best way to get out of them is simply to just not hit into them! For the golfers who have that precise control of their golf shots, the game is easy. Most of us have a few stray shots and guess what? We end up in a bunker or two. The magic question is how do I get the ball out every time with just one stroke? I’m going to reveal the BIG secret and that’s acceleration through the impact zone. What does that mean in English? It means following through

the golf swing with more momentum than what you have taken the golf club back with. Keeping this key strategy in mind, let me give you a few pointers to help with the technique of your bunker shot.

If your lie is good you can use the so called “blast shot”. Your goal is to contact the sand before the ball. Don’t try to “pick” the ball off the sand.

Position the ball forward in your stance, in relation to the target.
Open the club’s face so you use the bounce of the club and then take your grip, keeping the butt of the club on the centre line of your body.
Open your stance slightly left of your target (right handed golfer).
To lower the bottom of your swing arc, slightly dig your feet into the sand.
Make sure that your shoulders are level to the contour of the bunker.
Swing down your shoulder line and keep your weight on your left side throughout your swing.
If your lie is bad you can still use the “blast shot”. Since the ball is buried below the surface, tight lie meaning not much sand, you want your club to make a deep cut in to the sand to explode the ball out. Use the same sequence as above, but we will just alter #2.
2-b) Keep the club face square so you use the leading edge of the club to help dig into the sand. Then take your grip, keeping the butt of the club on the centre line of your body.

Try these few techniques and no one will call you a sandbagger!!

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