The BIG Muscle Swing

As we have all realized through our golfing careers there is no secret to the golf swing. We all understand that sound fundamentals and consistent practice are the keys to improvement. However, in my experience there is one thought that is a borderline secret to great ball striking. The concept is simple but not understood by most golfers.

The “secret” is to understand what parts of our bodies we use to swing the golf club.

Many players fall into the habit of swinging the club almost entirely with their arms. They don’t rotate their shoulders or hips and tend to finish their swings “flat-footed”. By turning the lead shoulder to a position even with the ball we can achieve a full weight transfer and establish the coil needed for maximum power. By unleashing the shoulders on the downswing, momentum will carry your weight to your front foot and your chest will be facing your target. Using the shoulders to swing the golf club will allow you to feel the club stay more in sync with your hands and the clubhead and give you maximum clubhead speed.

Trying to coordinate all the little muscles in the hands and arms is near impossible. To feel this concept a great drill to do is the “body motion drill”. Simply rest the club up on your shoulders and assume a golf posture. Make some turns with your lead shoulder so your back faces the target. Repeat this drill 20-30 times every few days and you will start to feel what a “big muscle” swing should feel like. Try this “secret” next time you’re on the range, I bet you will pick up some distance and consistency.

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