Tempo Tempo Tempo No Matter Who You Are

This months tip is one of the most often misunderstood parts of the golf swing “Tempo”. We often hear people say, “Slow it down” or “That was way too quick” referring to our swing typically after a less than fashionable shot. What they are speaking of is our tempo as if there was one perfect tempo that is all inclusive for everyone. Our tip is to find your own tempo and to keep it consistent.

I like to think of tempo as the time it takes to complete a full swing.

When you look at it in those terms it tells us that tempo is not just the back swing or the follow through. Tempo makes up the entire swing from when you start the club away from the ball to when you are standing nice and balanced holding your finish for the cameras.

As far as I’m concerned the most important part about tempo is finding our own distinct tempo. There is no such thing as one tempo for everyone. Everyone has their own tempo as far as the way they talk, walk, and everything they do. We all know people who are very fast paced like a Nick Price or Anthony Kim. We also know those people who are lucky enough to just cruise through life and their golf swing is no different like a Freddy Couples or Ernie Els. The goal is to find your very own tempo whether it be fast like Nick price or slow and relaxed like Fred Couples.

Next time you are on the practice tee try this little drill to help you find your tempo. Warm up as you usually would getting good and loose then take out your 7 or 8 iron and hit four or five golf shots then switch to your driver and hit only one golf shot. More often then not your tempo varies between your driver and the shorter mid-iron when we would ultimately like it to be the same. Do this drill a couple of times switching back and forth from your 7 or 8 iron and driver until you have grooved a consistent tempo into both clubs.

Now that you have found your tempo keeping it consistent throughout your entire game is the key. Make your practice swings with that tempo, walk to the ball with that tempo, and keep it consistent. The sooner we can find and become consistent with our tempo the sooner we will have one less thing to worry about in this tricky game of golf.

“The goal is to become better at what we do, not to reinvent the wheel.”

I hope this tip makes you more comfortable on the golf course as well as lowers your scores.

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