Stone Canyon Pro Carries Golf from One Generation to the Next.

Brent Newcomb came by his love of golf honestly.

The PGA Class A head golf professional at Stone Canyon Golf Club, Newcomb, got his start in golf like many – learning the game from his father.

“My dad is a retired golf course superintendent, his last job was with the city (Tucson) where he ran all the city courses,” Newcomb said. He would spend hours with his dad at city courses, mostly Randolph Park, helping out on the course and then getting in practice time.

“I hung out with him and started playing in summers from the time I was 11 on,” raking bunkers for his dad then going out to hit balls.

“It was a pretty fortunate situation, I got to hang with my dad and be at the course all the time.”

That would be his first job in the golf business, with his father paying him out of his own pocket until he was old enough to get an actual pay check.

He recalls one of his first memories learning the game from longtime Tucson teaching professional Fred Marty.

“I remember he was a really good communicator,” Newcomb said. “I was a water skier and he related golf to that, relating the slow transition of turns to the slow transition from the backswing to the downswing.”

He played locally and in some national tournaments as a junior and the early start in the game meant that by high school he could play, starting on the varsity all four years at Mountain View HS in Tucson. He won many times as an individual on the team, including regional tournaments and finishing third one year at the state tournament.

Newcomb went on to play two years for Pima Community College and earned a business degree from the University of Phoenix in 2010.

It’s about family
The pro has been married to his wife Susie for 10 years and they have three children; eight-year-old Parker, six-year-old Aubrey and a two-year-old, Stella.

Not surprisingly, Parker is no stranger to the course, but the pro is letting the kids discover the game on their own.

“He’s been in the Ricki Rarick junior golf program for two years and Audrey will start next year,” Newcomb said. “I enjoy playing with them and it would be nice if they enjoy it.”

With the kids and both his and Susie’s parents around, the family gets most of his time away from work.

“I’m most grateful for my family,” he said. “I get a lot of support from my family and my wife’s family, our lives are much better with all those people around us.”

On the job
Newcomb feels he is lucky to be in a career revolving around the sport he loves.

“I’m a golf professional because of my passion for the game,” he said. “It’s fortunate to work in industry where you have a passion. Every day it’s a little different … you’re outdoors some days, other days on the computer, but it’s always fresh to be around something you really enjoy.”

It’s the time with members and on the course that he enjoys the most.

“You get kind of inundated with office work,” Newcomb said. “The most enjoyable part of my job is running tournament and events. It would be good to be able to be out on the course more, interacting with players on the course and on the range.”
He’s also enjoyed his time working with the PGA Southwest Section Southern Chapter, where he had the opportunity to teach kids in the Ricki Rarick junior golf program.

“Running the program was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done professionally, to see the kids playing and really see them enjoying the game like you have is special.”

Newcomb runs all the golf operations at the Stone Canyon club; including tournament and event management for members, managing the staff, assisting with purchasing for the shop, budgeting, club fitting and giving lessons.

In the day-to-day operations at the club, he sees his ability to communicate as his strongest asset.

“Being a good communicator is really important to being successful in the business. You have to communicate with staff, customers and members. In dealing with adversity, effective communication is crucial to how those things turn out.”

He’s achieved recognition in the field for his work with juniors, was nominated for professional of the year and has had success playing too, winning the Chapter Championship in 2013 and playing in the National PGA Club Professional tournament at Myrtle Beach just this year. He said he would like to continue in his role as head golf professional and possibly become a general manager in the future.

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