Spend Time With All Your Clubs

Many golfers spend a significant time on the practice range. During lessons or during my personal practice time I can’t help but observe the way people practice.

I’m always amazed at the amount of time golfers spend on clubs that they only use a fraction of the time on the golf course. Next time you are on the range take a quick inventory of what golfers have in their hands on the range. Say there are ten golfers hitting balls, I would be willing to bet that at least seven have a long iron, hybrid or wood in their hand.
If you break down the percentage of club usage during a round of golf by the average player you would run into the following percentages. Let’s say the average golfer shoots 100 for 18 holes, my data has shown that 1/3 of shots will be with a wood, hybrid or long iron and 2/3 will be with a short iron, wedge or putter. What can we learn from this data? What this tells me instantly is that 2/3 of our practice time should be with a short iron, wedge or putter and that 1/3 of your practice time should be with a long iron, hybrid or wood.

Take an honest look at the time you spend on the practice range and what percentage of time you spend on what clubs? I can guarantee that most of you spend way more time on a long iron, hybrid or wood than you do on a short iron, wedge or putter. This is why the average handicap has not gone down in the last 25 years.

We are not spending enough time on our scoring clubs. It seems very simple but this practice continues to be ignored. From here forward focus hard on spending 2/3 of your practice time on your scoring clubs. This will take some discipline but I assure you your handicap will most certainly go down.
Mastering the short game will make up for errant shots with your longer clubs, and will help you realize that there are no pictures on a scorecard only numbers.

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