Robin Williams Explains the Origin of the Game of Golf

Robin Williams and the game of golf - Go Golf ArizonaRemembering Robin Williams
and his love for the
Game of Golf…

They say that golf originated in 15th-century Scotland and the stories of how it originated vary across the globe.  Finally,  the real story of how golf all began has been revealed by none other than golf enthusiast and comedian Robin Williams, who gives you his ‘slice’ of how golf originated.


Watch Robin’s Video on Golf Below

Advisory Warning: You Might Laugh

Robin Williams, beloved comedian who passed away August 11, 2014, will surely be missed by many the world over and by those of us who not only loved his talent and his jokes, but who also love the game of golf.  Thanks Robin for setting us straight on the origins of the game of golf… we will never forget you.  Cheers and have a pint of Guinness on us.

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