Rio Rico Flipping The Nines

Rio Rico Golf Course, just a short hour away from downtown Tucson is undergoing a lot of improvements and some changes under a new management group. While working hard on bringing the course conditions back to the level they once were, there are two significant changes that all players should be aware of. The first being the addition of 24 additional golf carts to the fleet. Those that may remember during the last few seasons there seemed to be a shortage of available carts on busy days. Of more importance to note, the nines have once again been flipped. What was number 10 is now number 1.

Not only will this avoid some confusion on frost delay mornings when the nines would be reversed temporarily to allow for quicker access due to shaded areas being frozen on the front, it will also mean you finish on a great par 5 right in front of the clubhouse…with everybody watching. Don’t dump your approach in the pond.

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