Questions On The Rules Of Golf

In the course of a round of golf, or while playing in a tournament, we have all run across a situation where we had a question on a ruling that we didn’t know the answer to. So, automatically we reach into our golf bag to pull out our rule book, and realize we do not have it with us because we left it on our desk at home after studying the rules all night long. Not likely. However, you should always carry the rule book in your bag for situations that may occur.

A great resource that can help you with your questions on the rules is your local PGA professional in the golf shop. Here are some other resources to answer your questions; go right to the main source and contact the USGA through their website or even call them directly.
They always have a staff member available to answer any rule’s question. Golfers also should take advantage of the resources the PGA provides through initiatives like Play Golf America, PGA First Swing Guide and the PGA Summary of Rules of Golf.

As a golfer you have the obligation to your fellow players to know and follow the Rules of Golf. If you follow this simple philosophy, it will give you a better understanding of the rules. “Play the course as you find it, play the ball as it lies and play fairly.”

The new Rules of Golf book is now available for 2012-2015. My recommendation would be to make sure to pick one up so you can keep it in your golf bag.

However, before you put it in your bag, take 10 or 15 minutes to familiarize yourself with some of the changes. Before you jump right into the definitions, and the rules directly, read through the section “How to Use the Rule Book.” This will be very helpful in understanding how to use the book more effectively and efficiently.

Golf is a unique game where, in general, the players govern themselves and respect the rules of the game. The game is more enjoyable for all and rewarding when you play by the rules.

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