Quarry Pines

Quarry Pines, with most holes routed below the rim of a massive stone quarry, offers a truly unique and enjoyable golf experience.

Located in Marana just off Interstate 10, the state’s first and only quarry golf course is easy to reach from anywhere in the Tucson metro area, and is close enough to be an option for Phoenix area golfers looking for a different kind of golfing challenge.

Most golfers make their first visit to Quarry Pines because they have heard about our exciting golf course layout and unique series of quarry golf holes.

Quarry Pines golfers keep coming back not just for the endless variety of shot-making challenges, but because they know they can also count on friendly, professional service and outstanding golf course conditions.

Quarry Pines has everything you and your foursome need to enjoy a great day of golf, including a full golf practice facility, a pro shop stocked with top brand merchandise at fair prices, and a relaxing grill room with cold drinks and delicious food.

The same features that make Quarry Pines one of the region’s most popular daily fee golf courses also make our playable, Par 71 golf course a terrific choice for your next group golf event. Our systematic approach to event planning and marketing ensures that your event will be a world-class success, with no surprises and no headaches. Quarry Pines Golf Club is located just west of Cortaro & I-10. For more information about our frequent player programs or to book your next event, call (520) 744-7443.

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READER REVIEW: . . . representing the gals
By Josie Trapnell and Charlie Sullivan
SATT Readers; Tucson, AZ.

This time of year in Tucson, golf courses begin to look a little ragged. Simply, this course is in fantastic shape. The fairways and rough are well manicured; the greens were smooth and true, although the tee boxes were a bit uneven. Not only should you play this course because of the Country Club conditions, but because of the unique experience of playing in a Quarry, it’s probably one of the biggest challenges in Tucson, both visually pleasing and skillfully demanding, the Quarry is just brilliant fun for any level player.

The entire staff here at Quarry Pines treat you as club members; they want you to have the best experience possible. Your cart is waiting in line with your tee time noted above; there is a huge practice green and chipping area to warm up while the starter keeps everyone on track. If you get there early, enjoy breakfast or lunch at Putters Grill, conveniently on hole eight is a menu board.

The first hole will set the tone as many of the fairways are narrow, undulating and testing if you stray off course. If you haven’t learned your lesson on the front nine, you better pick up an extra sleeve of balls at the turn, the back plays true desert target shooting, and the Quarry can make balls disappear like popcorn at the movie theatre. On the back nine, elevated greens and tees create a challenge in club selection and direction of your shots. Be aware of the slope of the fairway.

While taking a shot from the fairway on the first hole, my ball projected and then exploded into a plume of feathers and such. In a bit of shock and wondering the rules, I turned to my partner, “what do you call that”, she simply said with a dead pan face, “murder”. We then broke out in laughter and the smiles never stopped. I still feel bad about the incident, but no better way to go than on a beautiful golf course in sunny Arizona.

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READER REVIEW: . . . representing the guys
SATT Readers; Tucson, AZ.

If you like the challenge of narrow fairways and have to really think about your club selection and how to play it, then you will absolutely enjoy playing this course. On the other hand, if you are they type of golfer that prefers wide open fairways and generous out-of-bounds areas, and you tend to hook or slice your ball, then this course is not for you.

Several houses line the first few holes and some are very close to the fairways. When your ball goes out-of-bounds, it really goes out-of-bounds. However, after playing the first few holes and figuring out how to play them, you begin feeling confident and are somewhat lulled to sleep on the rest of the front side with its straight and relatively hazard free holes. On holes 6, 7 & 8 you are awoken from your slumber because they run parallel and very close and to a busy Interstate 10. Fortunately the fairways on these holes are pretty straight forward and open, so if the noise causes you to blow your drive, chances are pretty good that you will have decent lies and a chance at making par.

So there you are cruising along and happy with your score on the front side. Then, you make the turn at the clubhouse, and BAM! you get jolted back to reality and suddenly you really understand where the name ‘Quarry’ came from.

Most of the holes on the back side have elevated tee boxes with several of them very high above the hole affording you beautiful, yet deceptive, views that require some serious thought about club selection. Take hole #15 for example; it’s a short 134 yard Par 3 from the back tees with an extremely elevated tee box. Your senses try to tell you that can’t be so. Then you start thinking; do I use an 8 -Iron and a normal swing or a 9-Iron and lay off it a bit? Or maybe I can use a wedge. If you over-drive it or hook it left you can pretty much say goodbye to your ball. The good news is that if you lay it up short, there is a pretty decent landing area with a solid shot at par.

And that is the way it plays on just about every hole on the back nine.

With one exception – Hole #16. As it turned out, this was our favorite hole. It’s a 561 yard Par 5 with a huge left dogleg almost right in the middle of the fairway. If you try to short-cut the dogleg you could land in the desert (bye-bye ball) or in one of the sand traps lining the turn. Once you get past the hazards you are presented with an awesome view of the green. You can see tall pine trees lining the back of the hole (maybe this where the ‘Pines’ in ‘Quarry Pines’ comes in. It was late afternoon when we played this hole and shadows surrounded the cup. After we chipped up on the green and began walking towards the hole, we counted no less than ten rabbit resting in the shade. After a brief respite and taking it all in, we moved on to finish out our round.

Also, when playing the quarry side of the course keep in mind that you are below ground level and there is almost no wind to keep you cool, except when teeing off. Be sure and take plenty of water with you as there are no water fountains or water dispensers anywhere on the course, at least that we could see.

Oh yeah, take one or two extra balls with you. Quarry Pines Golf Club is a nice and fun course to play… if you like the challenge of target golf!

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