Principles Of Golf

Do you know what the two main principles of the rules of golf are and are those principles changing? The rules of golf are indeed a complex code of precise rules for playing the game in accordance with equity. Let’s face it golf is a complex game that runs deep in tradition of how the sport is to be played, and the rules reflect this fact. The two basic principles that golf is based on, “Play the course as you find it and Put your ball in play at the start of the hole, play only your own ball and do not touch it until you lift it from the hole.”

The golf industry has been struggling for more golfers to play this great game. In that respect, I have found myself changing my traditional thoughts about the game and the rules of golf. Sometimes I wonder if the rules of golf and some of its traditions are keeping new golfers from playing the game. It saddens me to some degree that the industry feels that they need or have to recreate the game to get more people interested in playing. Let’s go back to my point of are the principles of golf changing and or should they.

I am probably more of the exception than the rule when comes to my opinion on the rules of golf for new golfers. Especially new and recreational golfers I feel they should be playing a completely different set of simpler rules that everyone could understand and play by. To me, there are two basic ways of playing the game of golf. The first is tournament play, in which you are required to know and play by the rules of golf, and the other is social golf. This to me is where you should play by the very basic rules that are acceptable in the industry. The game wants and needs those players to embrace the game and have fun playing by those basic guidelines.

Let’s focus back on how the game should be played in the correct spirit of etiquette and the rules of golf.

  • be considerate to other players
  • keep pace with the group in front of you and/or let faster players play through
  • replace or fill your divots, repair your ball marks on the green and rake bunkers
  • prior to starting your round mark and identify your ball with your fellow competitors or opponent

A modest understanding of the Rules can truly enhance the pleasure of playing the game. There is unfortunately no simple way to become familiar with the Rules of Golf than to start at the beginning of the book and read through to the end. I want to make clear to the recreational and social golfers, don’t get bogged down with all should and should not’s, however, learn and understand the basic concept of the game and rules and go have fun.

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