Preparing For A Golf Career

Golf is a highly competitive industry – and not just within the game. Career hopefuls must have a myriad of golf and business skills in order to succeed in the field. For example, golf instructors must have a solid understanding of specific coaching theories and techniques, as well as extensive knowledge of the sport itself, while managerial positions require mastery of business concepts and skills to be combined with one’s passion for the sport. There’s no telling where the industry might take you, so the better-rounded your education is, the more assured you’ll be of achieving success in your career.

The Phoenix Advantage
Getting a good education may sound tough, but you’ll find

that the education you need is available right in your hometown. The Golf Academy of America (GAA), one of the nation’s top golf schools, opened a campus in Chandler in 1996. Over the course of the past decade, GAA-Phoenix has grown by leaps and bounds, justifying a move to a larger and better-equipped campus early in 2010.

The new Phoenix campus offers students an all-in-one student experience. In addition to all of the standard student amenities, such as computer labs, student lounges, and a library, the new campus offers expanded, on-location golf facilities. For example, the new indoor golf center and video analysis system use state-of-the-art technology in order to help provide students with the best education possible.

The prestigious golf school has provided quality golf education since 1974. An ACICS-accredited curriculum of golf instruction and business management, combined with an all-star faculty comprised of PGA golf professionals, business professionals, and educators, contribute to the top-notch education.

Unique degree programs prepare students to do more with their passion for golf than simply entertain a hobby. GAA puts equal emphasis on both academic standards and golf proficiency, creating a challenging environment in which students can achieve their goals. The result: graduates with the skills and knowledge required to pursue the career of their choice, from golf instruction to the management of golf businesses.

The Student Experience
As a student you actively participate to improve your playing ability and increase your knowledge of the golf business. Each day, you will be challenged to develop those skills to the fullest.

There are many different career options in the golf business, and GAA gives you a diverse and well rounded background which is sought by potential employers giving students the opportunity to choose and have several alternatives in your golf career. Graduates are employed in all areas of the golf industry, ranging from golf teaching professionals to a multitude of other fields in golf such as tournament operations, sales, club repair/fitting, club operations and management, and golf-related businesses. The golf industry continues to expand and the job market grows with it. With training and a degree, you will be prepared to take advantage of many opportunities. More information about GAA can be located at or call 480-857-1574.

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