Planning Your Accenture Match Play Golf Vacation

When it comes to planning a truly enjoyable and worry free golf vacation, a little preparation will go a long way. While there are many options for planning a golf vacation, using a local booking service may prove most beneficial. Why talk to someone in Florida when trying to book a Tucson golf vacation?

In Southern Arizona, Tucson Golf Vacations is the only local golf vacation company that remains in business; this may be due to the personal touch and firsthand knowledge that owners Chris Smith and Jay Warren bring into the equation. Both Smith and Warren were golf professionals at local golf club The Golf Club @ Vistoso prior to the 2000 launch of Tucson Golf Vacations. Jay Warren is also a very active member with the Tucson Conquistadores, the sales arm and charitable contribution beneficiary of the Accenture Match Play Championship.

“Perhaps the single most important thing to consider is the time of year you will be taking your vacation,” advises Warren. “A visitor should consider daytime temperatures for ideal tee times and temperatures at night and early morning for proper clothes to pack. The time of year you visit Tucson is critical because you could run into aerification in the spring, where the greens usually take a full week or more for recovery, or overseeding in late September or early October when the courses are closed for reseeding. Frost delays can occur during Arizona mornings November- February”.

“Other things to consider are travel distances to and from your accommodations to courses and other activities.”

The majority of all groups coming to Tucson do not have a golf course itinerary in mind or prior knowledge of the courses in the Tucson area and will therefore need to have a phone conversation with someone to determine the ideal lineup of courses. This is where Tucson Golf Vacations thrives! Tucson Golf helps the group determine the right golf course itinerary with the best accommodations available to fit the group’s needs. Says Smith, “groups usually have some type of budget in mind when booking their golf vacation and we are able to match accommodations with golf courses to fit any budget. With the savings of booking through us, our typical customer spends 2-3 times more in ancillary spending versus the customer booking on line and last minute. This extra customer spending provides an added benefit to the golf courses, resorts and hotels choosing to partner with us. Our groups also enjoy the convenience of 60-90 day advance tee times to ensure the perfect vacation!”

“The Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain is a great partner for us — all of our groups have heard of the Accenture Match Play Championship (the most globally watched event in golf!) and end up adding a round or two at the Ritz into their itineraries as a ‘must play’. We work hard for our clients and consider no request unreasonable for making a group’s golf vacation flawless,” says Warren.

Talking to a local is always the best way to go for advice on restaurants, directions, attractions, and the current status of everything. It can be very challenging to someone who does not know the secrets of the city, to plan a trip online. Although unfortunate, in many states restaurants have gone out of business, hours of operation have changed and service levels have declined due to the bad economy. This is important information the golf vacation planner needs to know, which may be more readily available through a local golf vacation company.

LOCAL ARRIVAL TIP: When planning your arrival to coincide with the WGC-Accenture Match Play, keep in mind that all three 9’s including the Wild Burro nine are closed Feb.13, 2012. The last day you can play the tournament course (Saguaro-Tortolita) is Jan. 29, 2012; otherwise, you will be playing the Wild Burro nine and either the Saguaro or Tortolita nine from Jan. 30-Feb. 12, 2012. All 3 nines will be cart path only beginning Jan. 23, 2012. The course is also closed Monday following the tournament (Feb. 27, 2012) for a Charity event affiliated with the Match Play, but Tuesday the 28th is a fantastic day to plan on playing the course under Tour conditions.

“When it comes to lodging, we have the best inventory of private homes, condos and town homes in Tucson”, says Warren. From private homes with amenities that sleep 12 people, to providing catered plated dinners in the home with full clean-up, Tucson Golf Vacations is the go to source for the client looking to come in from out of town to attend Match Play and play a couple courses, while staying in the finest of accommodations. Tucson Golf Vacations represents some of the most beautiful private residences available and have housed caddies, agents, coaches and even Sergio Garcia one year. The folks at Tucson Golf Vacations also take care of the housing for the PGA Tour staff coming in for the tournament, as well as some of the Accenture employees coming to watch the event and entertain.

As a member of the Tucson Conquistadores, Warren also shares that their role is to help clients book WGC-Accenture Vacations. “We can find the right accommodations, book tee times, and sell any type of ticket and put it all in one package for the client.” Warren continues, “We did a lot of this last year and our clients received their golf package with vouchers, itinerary, directions, scorecards, tickets and parking passes to the Match Play all at once, and well in advance of their arrival.”

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