Oakley Pro Junior Event Held At Lone Tree

The SWSPGA’s Oakley Pro-Junior planned for an afternoon of competitive and enjoyable golf; however there were some unusual events that added some real flavor to the day. The event being held at Lone Tree Golf Club provided the attendees with a surprise to begin with as the courses signature “Lone Tree landmark” had been uprooted and was viewed laying on it’s side near the ninth fairway. While this tree was no longer growing, the turf was in full bloom with the golf course provided some excellent conditions for the competitors to play from.

The Teams, which consisted of a SWSPGA Professional and 3 Juniors (of all ages) began to focus on the format of the event. The Juniors were allowed a handicap and played from “age-appropriate” tees. (The younger kids played from shorter tees). Each team was required to count one “gross” score and one “net” score for each hole. The 25 team field was broken into three flights and play began. The event was in the midst of the recent “heat” wave and with three holes to play a wind and dust storm blew through the golf course. While you would think that these items may have slowed down play, or at least impacted the scoring neither seemed to have any effect as the combination of this format and players took the scores very deep!

Two of the flights were won with a score of 114 or 28 under par and the third flight with a score of 117. The winning teams included:

Professional Greg Avant with Tommi Avant, Trey Greenwood and Jino Sohn
Professional Blayne Hobbs with Alexandria Bickel, Nick Norgaard and Shayla Norgaard
Professional Ryan Eckroat with Thomas Felling, Hunter Thomas and Meghan Kuebler
Each of the winning teams is pictured above with Oakley Sponsor Kirk Schultze sporting their hardware and “new” Oakley sunglasses! Special thanks to Oakely and Kirk Schultze, host professional Greg Avant and the other SWSPGA professionals and area Juniors for their participation in this enjoyable event.

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