New Book Release: If I Only Had A Mulligan, The Process of Excellence

Pensarz LLC is pleased to announce a new book by Kent Chase, “If I Only Had a Mulligan, The Process of Excellence.” In this book Kent Chase presents his developmental process that has produced champions at all levels of golf from pee-wee tournaments to professional tour events. Kent has had numerous success stories of players seeking their dreams whether it be a high school championship, winning a national USGA tournament, or getting a full ride scholarship to one of the best college programs. A number of Kent’s students are playing on professional tours. Clearly Kent’s process produces results.

If Only I Had A Mulligan by Kent Chase

At the highest levels of competitive golf all of the players can hit long drives, strike quality iron shots, and make putts. Kent’s process underscores the concept that ‘how’ a player learns is every bit as important as to ‘what’ a player learns. The ‘how’ translates into the ability to perform and execute under pressure. It makes the difference between being a winner and being an also-ran.

Additionally, there is a period of only about 10-12 years in which a player first learns to play the game to when they should be competitive at an area or statewide level. It is important that those years be highly productive and efficient. Kent’s process greatly helps parents and students to maximize their time and effort, and also to minimize frustration. Parents will understand and gauge true progress. Students are energized as they strive for the next level.

The book also contains number of true stories about Kent’s students. The stories illustrate process concepts and provide inspiration. They show the desire and the will necessary to be able to successfully compete at the highest levels.

Jared Allen, professional fitness trainer, contributes by providing valuable insights regarding physical training of junior players. This area is quite often misunderstood by parents. Jared does a great job of outlining the essential elements of a successful program.

Parents would do well to use this book as a guidebook to develop their players. It provides solid, proven advice that has generated results over a long period of time. This book is available on in both soft cover and in Kindle format. Kindle books can be read on IPhones and IPads with the use of app downloaded from the ITunes store.

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Kent Chase


Kent Chase is considered one of the best junior instructors in the world, and he has given over 50,000 lessons during a 30 year career. His students have won awards, medals, and championships at all levels of play. His students range from four year kids winning Pee Wee events to current PGA and LPGA tour players. In the 2012 US Open, three of his students made it through the qualifying stages and played the championship rounds at the Olympic Club. Numerous students of his have won state high school championships, won scholarships, and have excelled at the collegiate level. The success story list is very long.

His highly innovative ideas have been copied and repeated by numerous other coaches because they resonate well with students and they achieve results. Kent presents a highly intensive, goal-oriented practice environment. These sessions are aimed at preparing students to be able to execute golf shots in the heat of battle. For this reason, all golfers, and especially aspiring young golfers, can learn a great deal in this book. What Kent says to his students immediately makes sense and is readily applied. Kent has a proven ability to improve a person’s ability in an astonishing short period of time.

Kent is from Phoenix. He became an All American in junior college. He then played at Florida International University where he earned a BS degree in Resort Management. He has played on the Asian Tour and the PGA Tour, and he is well connected throughout the PGA world.

Kent thoroughly embraces modern technology, the kind that is found at the best learning centers. But Kent also has an unparalleled eye that is able to discern who is a player “to be feared” and one who is not. Kent Chase has complete, first-hand knowledge of the development path that must be followed to get to the next level.


  • Southwest Section PGA Teacher of the Year
  • PGA Class-A Instructor Golf Magazine Top 500 Instructor
  • Quarter Century Club PGA of America
  • Five Times US Kids Top 50 Teacher
  • Master Teacher US Kids Golf

Notable Students:

Charlie Beljan, Chan Kim, Kimberly Kim, Richard Lee, Brian Pavlet, Aaron Watkins, Cheyenne Woods, Danielle Ammaccapone, Andrew Yun, Zachary Wright, Trey Kaahanui, Alberto Sanchez, Violeta Retamoza, Hans Christ

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