If you want to have more fun on the golf course and maybe play a little faster, TEE IT FORWARD may be just the solution. TEE IT FORWARD can help you play from tees best suited to your game.

This national initiative from The PGA of America and USGA is really simple. You play from the forward tees, which allows you to play faster, and more importantly – Have More Fun.!

TEE IT FORWARD is great for beginning and avid golfers alike. TEE IT FORWARD can give the avid golfer a Tour Experience, allowing them to hit the same club into greens as a PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour player.

TEE IT FORWARD has received great feedback from golfers nationwide. Through player feedback it has been found that with TEE IT FORWARD:

• 70% had more fun
• 47% felt they played faster
• 91% are likely to use it again
• 52% are likely to play golf more often

For more information on the Tee It Forward Program and to find a course in your area offering it, click here:

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