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We’re pleased to introduce you to and our new Golf Arizona Magazine, a quarterly magazine that is meant for golfers and non-golfers alike to enjoy more relevant local golf news and community activities in the Phoenix Valley, Southern Arizona and throughout the state. We think you deserve the very best the golf community has to offer. For this reason, we pledge to you with your support and assistance, to provide you with the most prevalent news and golf results within Arizona. “Our mission is all about promoting the game of golf, individuals and businesses within our community.” and Golf Arizona Magazine are multi-media resources designed as unique and compelling benefits for both the local and seasonal golfer in Arizona that cannot be found in other online media or publications.

As the official publication of the Southwest Section PGA, Golf Arizona has an editorial partnership with the professionals who are teaching and playing professionally, managing golf courses and communities, directing tournaments and running businesses within the local golf community.

With we offer more content beyond the printed version of our Golf Arizona magazine with updated current events and articles to bring our audience full circle on news, resources and instruction. The magazine and website are designed with the reader in mind so you will have an exceptional experience and be able to quickly access golf information, articles and offers.

We showcase the game of golf, courses and businesses within Arizona, while celebrating the people and entities that make golf such a spectacular attraction. Our primary focus is on educating the public, providing information regarding the courses you play, the places you stay and dine and supporting the local golf economy.

The magazine is available free to the public; this full color glossy magazine is printed quarterly and distributed to all golf courses, golf shops, resorts and concierges – as well as other golf-related and high-traffic locations throughout all of the Phoenix Valley and Southern Arizona.

In each issue and online, we commit to providing as many stories, personal profiles of amateurs and professionals, tournament events and community activities, with fresh and honest reporting from a variety of voices and perspectives. We aim to give you the opportunity to learn something new, feel moved by something special, and be motivated to improve.