Managing Your Wedge Game And Yardage Gaps

How many of us have found ourselves missing greens with our wedge shots or standing over the shot with a wedge in our hand and not feeling comfortable with the club choice? Wedges are made to control your shots not power your shots. Very seldom should we need to swing our wedges at 100% power. Over powering or swinging too slow at these shots because we don’t have the right club due to the wide spread of yardage gaps between our wedges can lead to inconsistent approach shots. Often you find the shots either having too much backspin, the golf ball escalating quickly in trajectory and coming up short in yardage, or the wind moving the ball in the air more than we want.

Sewailo Golf Club 1

With long irons being difficult for most golfers to hit and hybrid clubs becoming more popular, finding an option to put a fourth wedge in our bag can be easy. The percentage of shots used with your wedges is higher in a round than the use of your 4 iron, 3 iron, or 5 wood; giving us an option to trade the rarely used 3 or 4 iron for a fourth wedge or a gap wedge. Many golfers carry a pitching wedge then jump to a sand wedge and possibly a lob wedge.

There are a lot of options with the club manufactures these days which is nice, but the question is which one will best fit my needs? You have the choice from multiple degrees of loft and bounce to best select what will accommodate your gap. A good general rule of thumb is to maintain a 4 degree spread between your clubs, your wedges should be no different. Most golfers bags are set up with the pitching wedge as the most lofted club in the standard set and then jump to the sand wedge, leaving us an 8 to 9 degree difference between the two. Again each individual’s club yardage will be different but if we can fill the gaps we are sure to increase our yardage control and shot making ability!

Golf is a tough game as it is so if we can add these tips to make our decision making throughout our rounds easier we are on our way to better scores and a much more enjoyable round of golf!

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