Junior Spotlight – Kathryn Ottman

Family was a major factor why Kathryn Ottman, a senior at Sahuaro High School, started to play golf in the first place. As a young girl, she would tag along with her parents to the golf course and began to learn the game. One of her other major role models in golf was her grandfather, who was her coach and biggest supporter of her golfing career. Even after her grandfather had to retire as her coach, he still continued to make memories with Kathryn. While visiting Kathryn to watch her play a tournament, Kathryn recalls her grandfather proving age is only a mindset.

Junior Spotlight - Kathryn Ottman

“While we were there at the driving range, I was hitting drivers and he got up and took his oxygen tank off and grabbed his driver and hit that ball about 300 yards, a 72-year-old man! He was and still is my hero.”

Memories, such as ones with her grandfather, are part of the reason why Kathryn plays golf. There is also the love she has for the game and the challenge that golf presents her every round she plays. She recognizes the true obstacles in her way when she is competing.

“Golf is the biggest mental game out there, however the physical part is critical as well. It’s not really you against the other player, it’s you against the course.”

Kathryn plans to continue playing golf in college and will rely on the support of her family as she continues with her career.

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