Junior Spotlight – Bethany Vos

Early in life, Bethany Vos knew very little about golf. It wasn’t until 6th grade that she attended an after school program to learn about the basics of golf that she was introduced to the game. The program got her hooked on golf because everything in golf is always under her control.

Juniors Feature - Bethany Vos 2

“What I like about golf the most is that it’s an independent sport, what you put in to the game is what you get out of it.”

Bethany went on to play high school golf at Canyon Del Oro High School. Ironically, the clinic that got her started on golf was put on by CDO, the school she would go on to star for. Throughout high school she achieved great things on the course, but some of Bethany’s most memorable achievements had nothing to do with her score.

“An accomplishment I have achieved with golf is overcoming my shyness. When I first started to play golf I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone, now I’m constantly making friends and getting to know people better on the course.”

Besides all things she can accomplish, Bethany says that one of the reasons she plays golf is because of the friendships that she can make. She understands that golf can introduce her to a variety of people because she can play her whole life. Bethany plans to continue her golf career by playing for the Aztecs at Pima Community College.

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