In Search Of Perfection

(TUCSON, AZ) Golf is not a game of perfection, yet almost everyone who plays the game seeks it. Be it Tiger Woods, or Luke Donald; almost all Tour professionals have a teaching companion. Someone they work with continuously. They are in search of the perfect swing, which will produce perfect results, time after time.

I see my members, working on their game constantly, trying to find that one “tip” that will make them perfect. Trying to emulate what they have been told/taught is the perfect swing; and failing miserably, so much to their dismay. They spend hundreds of dollars on lessons and clubs and if really lucky, find a little relief.

Perfection is not achievable! Sorry to tell you that. When asked prior a PGA Tour event in the 50’s, Sam Snead (almost a perfect swing) was asked about what he worked on before the event, his reply, “tempo, if the ball fades I will play a fade, if it draws, I will play a draw, don’t have time to change things right now.” What a comment from someone with a perfect swing.

No one tries to copy Lee Trevino, a 6 time major champion, or Arnold Palmer, 7 times, Jim Furyk, 1 major. But people will copy Luke Donald, 0 majors, Stuart Appleby, 0 majors, Tom Weiskopf, 1 major, and Rory McIlroy, 1 major. We search for perfection in “their” swing not our own.

We are all better to practice what we can do, to perfection, rather than what Tom Watson can do. In the mid 70’s Bruce Leitzke asked his coach, “what do I need to do to draw the ball?” His coach replied, what did you just shoot, “67”, then why do you want to hit a draw? Bruce never changed his swing and went on to win many times.

Do you want to play better? Find a coach (instructor) who will help you do what you do best, and make that perfect. Bubba Watson hooks or slices the ball as much as 50 yards, yet he is a top player, should he change his swing? Learn to master what you do, not Tiger, only then will “your” swing repeat itself time after time, in all conditions. Just ask Moe Norman, ugly but perfect.

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