Improve Your Ball Striking And Incredible Distance

After a solid setup, then comes the takeaway. This part of your golf swing is crucial because if you start the club on the wrong track you will force yourself to make numerous compensations during the swing. As you can imagine, the more

compensations the more inconsistent you may become.

On the other hand, starting your takeaway correctly can result in a repeatable and effective golf swing. So let’s take a look at some before and after images of a few Expert Golf Students working to fix their takeaway. In both cases, the student was seeking to create a more solid strike on the ball and a more predictable ball flight.

Common Mistake-
Rolling or fanning the club open as you swing back
This is demonstrated on both image one and two in the first swing. Mistakes you should notice are the club head is behind the hands creating a shaft that is laid off and the left shoulder is too high. This creates a lack of control on the actual club throughout the swing. Look at Image 1 and the swing on the left, notice the club is behind the golfers hands; this makes the club feel heavier and will make the golfer loose sensation of where the club actually is. The right swing on image 1 shows a club that is much more up and down, this makes the club lighter and more controllable.

Proper Takeaway Technique
Hands inside the club head is a must, this will properly rotate your shoulders and tilt your body into the right position. Notice image 2 and the before swing, Chris has pushed his hands outside his chin causing a lack of club head control. This has also created poor should tilt meaning his left shoulder is starting to rise; the result of this will force him to re-route his body and club on the downswing. On the right of image 2 you will see Chris has kept his hands under/inside his chin and the club head outside his hands. He has much more control of the club head when doing this allowing him to pivot to the top without losing posture or club head control.

The Feeling
This will feel very awkward at first, almost as if your left (right for a left handed golfer) is lowering down to the ground as your hands brush your back leg staying tight to the body. You may also feel your hands hinging differently, this is correct so go with it!

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