If Tour Pros Can Benefit So Can You

After 20 years of working with golfers, Kristie Fowler, PGA & LPGA Class A Instructor, knows without a doubt that every player will benefit from taking lessons. Kristie quipped, “Tour players take lessons on a regular basis. Is there a better testament to the value of professional instruction to a player’s game?”

Kristie is an Assistant Golf Professional at The Gallery and manages their ladies golf program. She considers herself an encourager, motivator, coach and cheerleader. “I want ladies of all skill levels to participate and play,” Kristie said. “I give a Rules quiz every week about questions from their own situations and the ladies really enjoy it.” Claudette Halpern, AWGA and Gallery member and student of Kristie, agreed. “We have learned so much from Kristie. She reinforces the fact that everything takes time and regular practice is the game changer.”

Claudette first broke 90 and then 80 under Kristie’s coaching. “I’m a southpaw,” Claudette mentioned. “Kristie was amazing as she hit the ball left-handed so I could see how my swing should look. She recognized how I learned best and taught me in a way I understood. I owe my game to her – going from a handicap of 24 three years ago to a 12. Now I can compete in regional and state tournaments.”

Kristie knows that no one is going to hit every ball perfectly. Every golfer can use expert input. She believes this is particularly true for skilled players. “They have high expectations for themselves and lose confidence when they have issues with their game,” she said. “I can watch good golfers play and suggest small changes that can make a dramatic difference for them.”

According to her students, Kristie has the gift to help players at any age and level. She has found that beginners learn better in a clinic with other women. “Players need to practice to improve and practice is fun in the clinic setting,” she explained. Nancy Retson, 61, is retiring soon and learning the game. “After only four months, I am playing golf and gaining confidence,” Nancy said. “I take Kristie’s clinics and individual lessons and I am amazed by her “great eye.” She can analyze my swing and instantly tell me how to correct it and it works.” Kristie said her goal is to get beginners on the course quickly to stay interested in the game. This strategy definitely seems to be working for Nancy.

The bottom line: To maximize your potential, get the tips that only an LPGA or PGA Teaching Pro can give you. Call the Arizona Women’s Golf Association at 1-800-442-2942 for a list of LPGA Pros in your area or visit our website at www.awga.org for a complete list of LPGA teaching Pros in Arizona. Taking lessons can bring your game to a new level of both ability and enjoyment!

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