How To Maintain Consistency

At the beginning of the first lesson with students, I ask what their goals are for our lessons and their golf game overall. The overwhelming response is, “I want to hit the ball consistently!”

Too often players make swings with just their arms and hands while neglecting the large muscles of their body that help produce power for an overall better swing. The first thing every player must do to hit more consistent golf shots is to improve their footwork and weight shift in the lower body. Imagine a pitcher in baseball throwing a pitch with just his arms and hands with no lower body weight shift. The pitcher would not have much velocity on the ball. He wouldn’t be able control the direction and if he did throw a strike the batter would treat the pitch like Bubba Watson with a driver in his hands!

Try this drill to help incorporate your feet and legs into your golf swing – Set up for a practice swing with your driver (or any club you like). While remaining in your address posture, slide your right hand halfway down the shaft of the club and hold it in front of you with the shaft pointing at your target. From this position, start your backswing while maintaining your posture and keeping your arms extended. You should feel your weight shift into your right foot. Once you have rotated your shoulders as far as you can, start your downswing and continue into a full follow through while maintaining your posture. When you complete the swing, your shoulders and hips should be rotated to face the target. The shaft should point to the target, and your weight will have shifted into your left foot. Incorporating this new motion in your lower body into your swing will set you on the path for more consistent golf shots.

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