How To Be Offered A USGA Committee Position

by MaryAnn Souter

Serving on a USGA committee is a prestigious assignment for those active in the golf community. Most women initially volunteer in their own WGA. Getting involved in the AWGA is usually the next step.


Two southern Arizona AWGA members have become high level USGA volunteers. Their valuable guidance can be advantageous in obtaining a volunteer position at the national level.

Pat Trimbell, member of Canoa Hills and San Ignacio in Green Valley, has been serving on the USGA Women’s Mid-Am Committee since 2005. She was originally appointed to the Regional Affairs Committee in 2000. Her responsibilities include planning the Regional Qualifier in Arizona and working at the Women’s Mid-Am Championship. Serving as a Rules Official and on the AWGA Board of Directors gave her the experience she needed to qualify for a USGA committee. Her advice to those interested in a USGA position is to get noticed. “The more you do, the more you’ll get noticed,” she said. “It’s about who you know and your volunteer activities in golf that will open doors.”

Judi Lorenzen, member of The Gallery in Marana, has served on various USGA committees and in January was appointed to the prominent USGA Women’s Committee. Her responsibilities include overseeing the administration of the USGA women’s championships. She continues to present Rules seminars for the AWGA and acts as a Rules Official for state tournaments. She advises hopeful future USGA volunteers to get involved in our state women’s golf association. “Become rules and tournament knowledgeable,” she said. “Once you start working state events, you WILL get noticed by the USGA.”

So what can you do to improve your chances of being appointed to a USGA Committee?

  • Volunteer with the AWGA. Get the training needed to become a Rules Official, which will give you valuable tournament and operational experience.
  • Offer your name for a position on the AWGA Board of Directors. This will give you leadership experience and a higher level of responsibilities.
  • Get to know influential USGA volunteers who are always present at regional and national events. Let them know you are interested in working at local events. The more people you know, the better chance your name will surface when openings occur.

Serving on a USGA committee can be expensive. Transportation and hotel costs are your personal responsibility.

Volunteer positions require training, which is provided at no cost by the AWGA. Funds from the AWGA Annual Giving Campaign are directed toward volunteer development. Thanks to the support of these donors, our women can be trained and educated. More knowledge and more experience will result in the likelihood of being offered a USGA position and working at national events.

Get connected now by joining an AWGA committee!

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