How The GHIN Conversion Affects The Golfer

by Mary Pomroy

The AWGA Executive Committee is excited to announce that the AWGA is moving to GHIN in the fall. What does all of this mean for you?

Better Technology

Upgraded software package which will enhance your tournament experiences whether at your club, through your district association or even with the AWGA. Access to smart phone apps to look up courses, track statistics and post scores.

Club website tools which are designed to improve the overall club experience.

Better Access

AWGA members will now be part of a network of over 2.5 million golfers. Members will be able to post scores using the club computers within the jurisdiction of over 70 regional golf associations throughout the United States. No more saving scorecards until you get home.


When will the switch to the GHIN system take place?
Members will receive their final handicap revision in the current system on October 1, 2012. Shortly thereafter all posting will be suspended for 7-10 days in order to make the final transfer of scoring information to the GHIN database. After the conversion, your AWGA number and your GHIN number will be the same. During this period members will be informed of their new member numbers and other information regarding the transition process. The first revision using GHIN will take place on October 15.

Will my AWGA number change?
Many AWGA members will receive a new membership number. The AWGA will be working with GHIN to make the new number as similar as possible to your current AWGA number.

What happens if I already have a GHIN number from another golf association?
If you are currently a member of another golf association that uses GHIN as its handicap vendor that GHIN number will also become your AWGA number. Your score files will also be combined to keep the most up to date scoring information available.

Will I still be able to post scores at the golf course?
The AWGA expects that score posting at the golf facilities will be taken down for 7-14 days while the transition is completed. This will occur on Oct. 1st and service will be restored no later than Oct. 15th.

Will I still be able to post scores online?
The AWGA website will be shut down for 1 to 2 days during the 2 week transition period. It will otherwise remain completely operational throughout the transition. If your club allows online score posting you will still have access to score posting via

How much will my AWGA membership cost next year?
AWGA dues will remain $25 in 2013.

Will the AWGA offer apps for my smartphone?
Beginning October 15th, AWGA members who use the iPhone or an Android device will be able to download the GHIN score posting APP for no charge.

Will my Handicap Index continue to be updated on the 1st and 15th of each month?
Yes, all Associations utilizing the USGA Handicap System are on a standard revision schedule with handicap calculations being processed on the 1st and 15th of the month, thus you will not experience any change from what is currently in place.

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