How Golf Club Fitting Improves Your Game

Randomly buying a head and shaft will often result in a club that cannot be built to your individual swing dynamics and specification. A golf club specified for you is more than the sum of the components.

Vito Berlingeri Golf Club Fitting

Must beginners start with borrowed clubs and often with mixed sets of whatever clubs they can find? This approach can slow the rate of improvement for new golfers. It makes sense for a beginner to learn the game with a set of clubs well suited to their basic swing fundamentals.

Recognizing that novice golfers have not yet established their core swing dynamics, club fitting services should focus on identifying the best stock clubs. Depending on whether the player is competitive, their age, height and on how athletic the individual is in building a strong foundation for rapid improvement.

All golfers need to use clubs as suited as possible to their basic swing and that are configured consistently throughout the set along with the correct loft and lies for their clubs. Doing so will help develop better swing dynamics. They will not be “fighting” the club or making subconscious adjustments for each club as they work on the fundamentals of the golf swing in creating good habits.

To take your game to the next level, whether you’re a beginning golfer or a low handicapper, you need custom-fit clubs. Where do you go to get custom fit clubs? The company that I would highly recommend is called Cool Clubs with two locations in the Phoenix Valley and multiple locations internationally. They go to great lengths to ensure tour level specifications in calibrating in building equipment. They have the experience, knowledge and with a great deal of effort take the time to get it right. It results in a club of tour quality that accurately matches your fitting specification.

Vito BerlingeriBy Vito Berlingeri

  1. Ricky Potts, 10 December, 2015

    I was fit for my last set of irons, and will never buy another set of clubs without being fit. I went to 2 different stores and worked with a clubfitter in Chicago. Made a world of difference in my game.

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