GolfShot App Gives Help on Course, Tracks Your Stats

We’ve all used yardage books to help on unfamiliar courses.

The GolfShot app by Shotzoom gives you the same capability and more – right on your smartphone.

The second version of the app rolled out this month, the first coming out nine years ago.

I had the opportunity to use the app for a round at famed Starr Pass in Tucson. It was the first time I had played the course, setting the round up deliberately to use the app on an unknown track.

Each hole is pictured, with the phone acting as a GPS locator. A simple move of the target with the touch of a finger gives the player yardages to the green, over a hazard, or to end of the fairway.

With blind shots and desert wilderness creeping into and across fairways, it came in handy on several holes.

It didn’t take us long to put the app to use, trying to figure out where to land the ball on the par-4 third hole on the Rattler nine.

I went for it – trying to hit to a blind spot – a small landing area about 100 yards out from the green. I could have, and as it turned out should have, laid it up to the more generous fairway about 150 yards out.

The app helped me again on the par-5 sixth, where a portion of the fairway on the top of a hill was hidden from the landing area on the tee shot. After checking out the layout of the hole with the app, I was able to hit to that spot on my second.

The second hole on the Roadrunner nine featured a carry over the desert to the fairway, with the distance a little hard to figure with just the naked eye. The app gave me the yardage for the carry and I was able to pull the proper club to find the fairway.

golf shot app 2

A semi-blind second shot into the par-4 fifth had me checking the app again, to see if there was any desert to carry to reach the green without having to drive up the hill to take a peak.
While using the app on the course was beneficial, I really got a kick out of the stat tracking feature.

golf shot app

Simply entering in your score with fairways hit, sand shots and putts taken takes just a second after every hole, and the app kept my complete stats for the round.

Users can enter their round onto the website at, and check a myriad of stats including driving accuracy, greens in regulation, recovery performance, putting averages, scores by par and overall scoring.

Club tracking, distances for each club, and scoring for every player in the group – with Nassau, skins, and match play scoring – is available with the paid version of the app. A year-long membership runs 29.99.

A free version is also available with distances to the center of the green, Stableford and stroke play scoring and other features.

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