Golf 2

The PGA of America has embarked on a renewed strategic mission to introduce, retain, and improve the experience of the game across the world of golf today. Through a vast amount of research and study we now have for the first time a roadmap for that mission, one that simply put involves you and your PGA Professional. PGA Professionals in the Southwest Section are some of the finest in the country. They consist of some of the games foremost instructors, coaches and game improvement experts in the game today. On any given week you can see these men and women working with every level of player regardless of ability, improving the way they practice, the way they play, and the way they approach the game. The question is how are you taking advantage of this expertise?

With so many instructional opportunities available in the game today the consumer has lots of choices, and finding the one that is right for you can be a challenge. You must first ask yourself what it is that you wish to accomplish, and how much time you are willing to put into improving your game. Are you someone who would enjoy a group instructional session? Or, are you more suited to individualized instruction that emphasizes that extra personal attention? What part of the game is your favorite? What is your least favorite? What barriers are there for you or your family to playing the game and practicing more frequently? It’s important to ask yourself these questions because that is the conversation you will soon have with the PGA Professional you choose to take your game to the next level. He/she will develop a roadmap for your success, and begin your journey to improving your game and having more fun!

Over the past 5 years I’ve seen a large increase in the number of programs available to the consumer from our PGA Professionals, everything from age, ability, junior, fitness and family related programs. Each of these programs is designed to take your enjoyment of the game to an even greater level. GET GOLF READY…the leading player development program in the industry today emphasizes fun, excitement, a casual atmosphere, and a quality group learning experience. In fact most Get Golf Ready Programs have multiple levels of instruction that advance you from the driving range, chipping and putting greens right to the golf course. For the younger members of the family you can’t beat SNAG (Starting New at Golf), a wonderful junior and beginner development program. For those who want fitness as a part of their golf experience seek a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified PGA Professional. The TPI Program is the foremost fitness and nutrition program available in the game today. These are just some of the many programs available to everyone regardless of your level of experience in the game.

The enjoyment of the game is in your hands, and the tools for improvement and the game plan for success lie with your PGA Professional. Take the time to watch for promotional information, e-mails, publications, websites and other forms of communication on local player development programs. The Southwest Section PGA is currently working on ways that every consumer can access each of these programs on-line through The game of golf has never been more accessible, fun, or affordable than today. Take advantage of these opportunities and see one of the nearly 1,400 PGA Professionals of the Southwest Section PGA to bring greater enjoyment of the game to you and your family.

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