Giving back to those in Need!

In our last issue of Golf Arizona Magazine, about Golf Fitness, I talked about my struggles in fitness and nutrition and that I was re-energized by the issue to doing something about my health. Well, I have some good news to report because I have lost over 50 lbs since the last issue.

It always amazes me when you take action in improving your habits, with consistent routines, taking on a disciplined attitude to succeed, what you can achieve! In my case, it also helped just to keep my mouth shut and say enough was enough when it came to losing the weight.

Well, in our current issue I have another challenge for you. We are highlighting the great civic organization called the Thunderbirds, which puts on “The Greatest Show on Grass,” with the PGA TOUR called the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The winner may bring home over $1 million dollars, but let’s remember who the real winners are of this event. That would be the local charitable groups in our community because the Thunderbirds have raised over $100 million dollars in charitable donations for our local community over the years with the support of local fans like yourself.

Giving Back - The Thunderbirds

So, this is a two-part challenge. When you’re at WM Phoenix Open and you see a gentlemen or two wearing a blue-robed outfit with a beaded necklace, take the time to say, “Thank You for what you do for our community.” The second part of the challenge, especially with the holiday’s approaching, is let’s have an extra sense of giving to those in need. Please consider giving more from your heart. Whether it is to provide financial support to your favorite charities or even more what I would encourage you to do is actually give more of yourself. Donating your talents and time of those who will be grateful and appreciative of your time like the Thunderbirds.

RICK PRICE, PGA - Seniors Champion

Rick Price, PGA
Publishing Editor

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