Get Serious About Golf In 2012

by Joel Schafer

Are you ready to get serious about golf in 2012? Joining a club and maintaining a handicap is a fantastic place to start. The Amateur Association of Arizona Golfers (AAAG) was developed in late 2010 to protect and grow the game of golf in Arizona. The AAAG services its members in the area of handicapping, playing opportunities and club development.

According to statistics less than 20% of the 25 million plus golfers maintain a handicap. For very little cost and as few as 5 scores a golfer is on their way to establishing a handicap and taking their commitment to the game of golf to a new level. As a member of an AAAG club and for your convenience, golfers have the ability to post scores in the clubhouse at the completion of the round or online at the AAAG website. Handicaps update on the first and fifteenth of each month and members are notified via email notification.

The benefits of joining a club and maintaining a handicap include being able to compete on an equitable basis with other golfers on any course and from any set of tee boxes. It’s also a great way to measure your improvement. Most people obtain a golf handicap by joining a club. There are actually three types of clubs which include an actual golf or country club with real estate. The second is a group formed by members tied through business, fraternal or a social organization. And finally the third type of club, where members have had no prior affiliation and are recruited through advertisement.

The AAAG would like to help you take that next step in finding a club or to assist in the development of a new club, group or league. For more information about the Amateur Association of Arizona Golfers including a list of member clubs and upcoming events, please feel free to contact us at 480-443-9009 or visit us online at

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