Get A Better Grip

Do yourself a favor right now. Grab a golf club, and check your grip.

Gripping the club seems like an easy task, but as an instructor, I see many problems in golf swings that can be directly traced back to a poor grip. Many golfers have worse grips than they suspect and don’t pay enough attention to how they hold the club.

There are two main issues I find in students’ grips. One is holding the handle of the club too much in the palm of the hands. The second is putting the left hand in a position that leaves the clubface open through impact.

The better your grip, the better you can leverage the club and consistently return the club face back to square.


A good place to start is to study the grip below and replicate it on your own club. Analyze the photos thoroughly and try to match your hands exactly

Make the crease formed between the left forefinger and thumb point towards your right shoulder and check to see that the heel pad of the left hand is on top of the club. As you put your right hand on the grip, wrap your middle and ring fingers first around the handle and then cover your left thumb with your right hand.

For more in depth study on the grip, I recommend reading the grip section of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons and Steve Elkington’s Five Fundamentals.

Contributing Writer: Derek Deminsky, PGA

  1. Ricky Potts, 08 September, 2015

    I use an interlock grip. Always have. Just feels right… On my putter I am left hand low. Not sure I could ever go back now!

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