Game Improvement Techniques Fitness And Nutrition Top The List

Today every player has the opportunity to take their game to a different level by understanding what elements of improvement are important. Far too many times I see players go from the locker room to the first tee without any real plan for success.

However, this plan must begin before the player even heads to the golf course. The need for balance in every area of your game is vital and today it begins with fitness and nutrition. Programs like the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Program and TRX Suspension Training Programs can make all the difference in a player’s performance.

For my students, the development of a fitness program begins with a clear understanding of what they can and cannot do. It makes no sense to develop a program that relies on them executing their workout routine 5 days a week if they have never done anything for more than 3, so being realistic is critical. It is important to perform a physical assessment that gives me the necessary understanding of what the student’s physical limitations are, and how we can address them through a workout program. I’m a strong believer that in order to create excitement and commitment, you must have multiple programs in your arsenal, and a realistic time schedule to conduct a workout. It is why I always combine strength training with flexibility training, and use tools that encourage the student to continue their workouts even while on the road traveling. But above all, regardless of the program designed for you, always set realistic goals for improvement, and chart your progress. See what effect your program has on your improvement, whether it is an increase in distance, increase in flexibility, an improvement in endurance or just an overall healthier outlook on the golf course. Each of these can be critical to short and long term success.

Nutrition plays just as an important of a role as fitness in your game as in your life. While just as individualized as fitness, a nutritional game plan can pave the way toward overall game improvement. Unless I’m working with an elite player I know firsthand, just like fitness, we need to be realistic. So, it is important to know that for true improvement you must have some sacrifice, a balance, and a combination of foods that promote elite performance.

For golfers the primary focus of this will be carbohydrates since they are the primary fuel for any level of player. Eating more frequent and smaller meals every couple of hours will increase metabolism and keep your energy levels consistent. For peak performance the combination of 20-30% of daily calories from proteins, 20-25% of daily calories from fats and 50-60% of daily calories from carbohydrates is an excellent rule of thumb.

With the combination of a quality workout program, disciplined nutrition, and a consistent game plan for improvement each player can take the necessary steps toward performing at a high level on and off the golf course.

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