Gallery Golf Club Offering Limited Public Play

Gallary Golf Club in Marana, AZThe Gallery Golf Club opened in December of 1998 as an eventual private club just north of Tucson. Like many new clubs, they operated out of temporary mobile units until the clubhouse was completed in the fall of 1999. During this time their membership grew and golf in general was experiencing a boom. Courses were opening at record paces across the country. That was then. …

Fast-forward 13 years.

The golf industry has become very competitive trying to grow their market-share while having to re-evaluate their business models and operational procedures. Some clubs have invested in turf-reduction and/or irrigation efficiencies, been sold to new owners and yet some clubs have struggled to keep their doors open; sometimes all of the above. Each facility is different and has its own story and agenda to succeed.

It’s been a tough few years for those in golf, but there is change in the air and a certain level of optimism as the industry pulls together realizing it’s time to re-invent a new wheel. Not the entire wheel, just a newer version. The change in the air might just be the cooler temperatures that we have been waiting for all summer. But the optimism, that’s something different. That’s real.

Like many club owners and associations, the ownership at The Gallery became proactive and sought ways to adapt to the current golf climate and continue succeeding. Success comes in many forms from minor victories to winning epic battles. Maybe it’s just breaking 40 on the front nine. Whatever the case, success has to have a plan, action and passion.

Enter Troon Golf.

On October 4, 2012, The Gallery hired Troon to help enhance the member experience, attract new members, increase revenues and pull from their vast resources. Troon Golf, is the world’s largest management company and the largest 3rd party manager of private clubs. This is an example of those in the golf industry pulling together and creating interdependent relationships seeking to grow …similar to how Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were ‘invented’.

The Gallery will be making available limited daily starting times to the public. Troon will be utilizing its local and global reach to attract visitors to The Gallery and Southern Arizona. When visitors make their way to Tucson, they will also be making starting times at other courses that benefit everyone in golf.

There have been some exciting changes this summer from new management to new branding efforts to new opportunities. As these efforts are realized, we welcome in our winter visitors and potential neighbors or fellow club members. Maybe both.

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